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Art Museum at China Academy

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The china central academy of fine arts in beijing and the china academy of art in xiangshan are playing a major part in educating the masses. the counterpart to arata isozaki’s central academy of fine arts in beijing, which reflects the dense urban environment and its respective characteristics, the ‘museum at the china academy of art’ by kengo kuma will instead be located
at the foot of the mountains and peaceful suburban landscape.

The form relates to the geological slopes and does not intrude into the green environment.
Studies revealed lozenge-shaped forms in three dimensions, becoming the morphological concept of the structure that allows fluid exhibition areasand alternating floor levels with an engrained porosity that brings visitors to the exterior throughout the sequence of the program.
Locally sourced and recycled materials will allow the structure to be born ofthe land from where it came.
The museum, of 4936 square-meters is set to open in the spring of 2014.

Ficha del Proyecto


Art Museum at China Academy


Kengo Kuma

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Área del Proyecto:

4936 m2

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