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Bamboo Symphony

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Three criteria’s to be necessarily retained are: social justice, ecological prudence and economic efficiency. As the repercussions and downsides of the western culture and architecture are being discovered and the world is turning towards regional technologies – two definite categories of Development are emerging -one based on the principle of recycling and the other on the use of natural materials capable of being used without requiring industrial processing.

Photographs: Reinaldo Coser + Gabriel Arantes

Bamboo plays a key role in the lives of 1/5 th of the world population even today. In many places expensive Wood, Steel, Concrete, glass etc have replaced Bamboo -labeling it as the ‘poor man’s material.
The tensile strength of bamboo fibers can be up to 12 kg/cm. almost twice that of steel. The weight to strength ratio of bamboo is far better that most modern material. It also makes for excellent support because o its inherent stiffness owing to the natural subdivisions. The engineering qualities of bamboo and its intrinsic structure anticipate the principles of many high-tech materials-making it an excellent value for money, with its attractive appearance an added bonus. Utilization of bamboo for grid matrix structures because of its flexibilities or in high – tech composite materials with high tensile strength, is a trend which can completely wipe out all other so called energy intensive high tech materials from the construction market. Since tensegrity and synergetic structures require light an high tensile basic elements. Bamboo is ideally situated for such applications. Its suitability for such structures Is another feather in its cap.

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Bamboo Symphony


Manasaram Architects

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210 m2

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