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Shoffice (shed + office) is a garden pavilion containing a small office alongside garden storage space located to the rear of a 1950′s terraced house in St John’s Wood with the brief requiring the shoffice to be conceived of as a sculptural object that flowed into the garden space.

The glazed office space nestles into an extruded timber elliptical shell, reminiscent of a wood shaving, and forms a small terrace in the lawn. The interior is oak lined and fitted out with a cantilevered desk and storage. Two rooflights – one glazed above the desk with another open to the sky outside the office bring light into the work space.

The sculptural object appears to have flowed into the yard and nestled itself at the back of the grounds. situated in the north-west of london, england, The extruded timber elliptical shell curls over itself like a wood shaving to form a small terrace on the lawn.The interior is lined with oak and is fitted with supplies and a cantilevered desk where two skylights bring natural light into the working zone.The lightweight structure is formed with two steel ring beams, timber ribs and a stressed plywood skin which sits on a foundation.The project was mostly pre

fabricated to reduce the amount of material that needed to be moved through the house during its construction.

The project was a close collaboration between Architect,Structural Engineer and Contractor.

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